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100% Pure Pharma APIs? Yes…in a Way.

Neuland-100-percent-API‘One hundred percent purity’ is the holy grail of pharma – and, more generally, the scientific community. Firms in our industry all around the globe spend the overwhelming majority of their time hunting for impurities and developing strategies to refine products to ever-higher standards. While achieving perfect purity is an abstract concept, being a 100% pure API producer is not.

Neuland: A Pure Strategic Focus

While – like everyone else in the industry – we can only strive for 100% purity in our products, Neuland can achieve 100% purity in its business practices.

Neuland is a 100% pure API manufacturer – and intends to stay that way.

Our strategy is clear: help pharma companies realize their strategies. It is made much easier by not competing with our customers – at all. Working exclusively to help our pharma clients develop and bring their drugs to market – while not competing generically on the side or in the future – invests us fully in their success.   

Pharma Strategy Dovetailing

Neuland’s non-compete approach has been an important consideration for customers who routinely consider the implications of their partners’ & suppliers’ wider strategies. Our approach ensures that we align perfectly with those looking for API and bulk contract manufacturing services.

Manufacturers who might potentially produce a particular finished dosage drug in the future compromise the partner or supplier relationship. It can lead to curtailed communications, limitations on data sharing, potential intellectual property complexities and more, which is why a policy of total transparency such as Neuland’s helps drug companies who outsource rest easier.

Are Non-Competing Pharma Suppliers Becoming Increasingly Rare?
Firms such as ours are becoming an increasingly rare species in the pharma landscape. Increasingly, contract providers are seeking their fortune in the same space often occupied by their innovator or even generic clients.

For us, the potential for future revenues at the expense of today’s customers is a distraction. It keeps us from the purpose at hand: focusing on meeting their API needs…in both the short-term and across the drug lifecycle.


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