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Building a Successful Corporate Culture in Pharma

businesspeopleI’ve written before about aspects of Neuland’s corporate culture that directly affect our clients, such as our quality focus and our environmental waste mitigation of processing chemicals. I’ve also dropped a mention or two of some of the community-improvement work we’ve undertaken over the last 30 years.

Having spent time earlier in my career at a venture capital firm, I’ve had the opportunity to study a wide range of companies and their respective cultures.

My findings (and maybe I’m biased because many of the best practices I’ve seen in tomorrow’s up-and-coming tech companies are well-rooted in Neuland’s 30-year old culture) are not surprising: best-in-class companies involved in high-technology fields such as life sciences or IT tend to forego strict hierarchal structures and instead foster a creative, unrestricted environment.

Creative People Create.

Drug development & manufacturing isn’t just a single discipline – it encompasses many diverse fields and specialties.  It’s important to build a culture in which freedom, creativity and multi-discipline approaches are treasured as much as rigid compliance and reproducibility. You don’t hire the best and brightest just to force them into becoming automatons. Creative minds need the freedom to innovate. In a nurturing corporate culture, companies like Neuland and its clients reap the benefits of that innovation.

At Neuland, we colloquially refer to it as staying out of our employee’s way. It isn’t a case of management neglect or ‘Pharma-Free-For-All.’ Rather, we work hard at fostering an environment where contributions and cutting edge ideas are welcomed and encouraged. We know it’s important that employees are empowered to reach and grow their potential.  One of our Research & Development team members puts it like this: “Management gives us complete freedom and control to execute our tasks.”
Rigid Adherence to Formality? Success Should Be the Focus.

For Neuland, the benefits of a collaborative environment far outweigh any advantages (if there are any) of strict formality. When rank starts to matter more than the technical objectives at hand, the Company loses, the client loses and the employee loses. KV Sivaprasad, from our manufacturing department, summed it up like this: ”There is no boss-subordinate culture in Neuland Labs. Everybody is treated at the same level irrespective of his or her position.”

Employee-Centric Culture: If You Build It, They Will Stay.

Building a culture in which employees want to come to work is an accomplishment. Building a culture in which employees still look forward to work after twenty years is an achievement. The saying “with age comes wisdom” is especially true of industries such as ours in which a veteran specialty chemist with 20 years of bench or production experience lends immeasurable value to the Company.

How does your company encourage creativity at work?


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