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The New Look of Neuland

Neuland Master Logo & Tagline (RGB)You may have noticed we have a new style! Neuland recently unveiled our exciting new branding. It’s a refresh of Neuland’s look and a reminder of the values we cherish as a Company.

Who is ‘Neuland’?

Our customers know us as a no-compromise, pharmaceutical services provider, offering worldwide compliant manufacturing facilities. Our customers also know we will never compete with them.

People are surprised to learn that we are named for a University of Notre Dame professor. But as a company focused on cutting-edge chemistry, it actually makes perfect sense.

Our namesake – Professor of Chemistry and Botany Reverend Julius Aloysius Nieuwland (the original spelling, which our founders adapted into ‘Neuland’) – is known for his contributions to acetylene research. His discoveries – which helped fund the Notre Dame’s chemistry department – inspired Dr. D. R. Rao, the Chairman of Neuland who studied organic chemistry at Notre Dame.

Our new brand design reflects Neuland’s three core strengths, represented by the three mountains:

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)
  • Custom Manufacturing Services (CMS)
  • Peptides

We are a unique company, rooted in a very special culture focused on excellence. The mountains in our logo form a horizon, with the pinnacle being a visual reminder of our ongoing goals both for ourselves and our clients.

Let us know what you think of Neuland’s new branding in the comments below!


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