Saharsh Davuluri

Medicine & Science: Keeping Up with the Pace of Change

The changes we’ve witnessed in the fields of science and medicine over the last decade or two have been truly astonishing. When we stood at the beginning of the ‘omics…

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Inside Look: The Role of the IPR Department

Intellectual Property Rights and its Importance in Research, Business & Industry We wrote a post on the patent cliff issue back in 2015. The patent cliff has served to further…

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Reflections on DCAT Week 2017 & AsiaTIDES, Japan

This year’s DCAT Week saw a new format and setting, while Neuland’s first AsiaTIDES show demonstrated the growing importance of peptides to the Japanese & Asian pharma industries. Here are…

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5 Variables Shaping the Contract Pharma-Client Relationship

Several posts ago, I discussed an article on the ‘shifting sands’ of contract provider/pharma relationships, and how smart providers were responding to pharma’s needs, rather than establishing fixed models of…

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Defining the Contract Pharma Provider Relationship

I read an article at Pharmaceutical Manufacturing earlier this year (Inking the Deal: Mastering the art of lasting outsourcing relationships in the pharmaceutical industry) on the nature of contract pharma…

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Orphan Drug Manufacturing: Less Lifecycle Management, More Process Optimization

Rare (or orphan) diseases may sound like a small, low-prevalence problem – hence their labeling as ‘rare.’ But with 7,000+ rare diseases having already been identified, affecting more than 50…

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Unveiling Neuland’s Process Engineering Lab: Tightening our Focus on QbD

Neuland has recently welcomed the addition of a new, dedicated Process Engineering Lab to its R&D Center. The lab opened in March, and supports operations and safety studies via a…

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Reflections on the CPhI Barcelona Show

The 2016 Barcelona CPhI show (CPhI Worldwide) was an excellent opportunity for Neuland to set in place some strengthened internal sales team processes. These processes allowed us to better capture…

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Defining the Relationship Between the Pharma Industry & Regulatory Agencies

I read an article at PharmTech at the tail end of 2016 that I thought was quite interesting, and it reflects Neuland’s position on regulatory agencies & issues. The article…

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Peptide Therapeutics infographic

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