Saharsh Davuluri

Defining the Relationship Between the Pharma Industry & Regulatory Agencies

I read an article at PharmTech at the tail end of 2016 that I thought was quite interesting, and it reflects Neuland’s position on regulatory agencies & issues. The article…

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Peptide Therapeutics infographic

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Niche Growth & Growing Niches: A Market Report on APIs and Eroom’s Law

A recent market report on APIs by Future Market Insights (FMI) paints a generally rosy economic picture of the industry over the next decade, but in this case the report’s…

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8 Ways to Strengthen Your API Supply Chain Management and Sourcing

A pharmaceutical manufacturer is only as good as its supply chain. Supply chain management and strategic sourcing are the key drivers which keep operations running smoothly. Set the Right Inventory…

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In Pharma, Quality is Everything. All Else is Secondary.

We are firm believers that quality is more important than…well…everything in the pharma business. It’s very simple: in this highly-regulated industry, without quality – a company has no value. We…

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How Process Engineering Techniques Result in Cost-Effective Products

With the cost pressures of today’s competitive market, active pharma ingredient (API) sales profit margins are continuously falling. As a result, pharmaceutical manufacturers find themselves under pressure to cut production…

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The Outsized Impact of Smaller Pharma CDMOs

One portion of an article at PharmTech (Five Themes That Will Drive the CMO Industry) discussing opportunities for smaller CMOs recently caught my eye. It mentioned that those aforementioned opportunities…

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Quality by Design: Essential, Not Optional

In today’s pharmaceutical industry, Quality by Design (QbD) has become an essential – instead of optional – tool. In fact, the phrase, “essential instead of optional” reminds me of the…

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Pharma APIs and India’s National Security

I’m not usually given to using clickbait-type headlines that scream “the sky is falling!”, but I came across a recent article which is a bit eye-opening for our domestic drug…

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API Manufacture of Deuterated Molecules

Deuterated compounds – in which drug molecule protons are replaced with deuterium to extend the drug’s half-life – continue to show promise in potentially boosting the bioavailability and safety of some drugs….

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