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The Neuland Way

Neuland follows a strong set of ethical values, termed ‘The Neuland Way’, that spurs integrity and motivation among the work force. An internal cultural survey highlighted that Neuland is a strong, ethical, quality conscious and value-based company that is committed to making a difference in people’s lives. The survey indicated the need for collating these findings and spreading them across the organization as a way of life at Neuland. This led to the conceptualization of the Neuland Way. The core of Neuland’s business is built upon these 5 values:

Customer Centricity

Everything we do at Neuland, revolves around the customer. From understanding their needs thoroughly to going beyond the stated requirements, we strive to ensure that our customers are delighted with our products and services.


Reliability whilst delivering the promise consistently is our objective. We ensure we are reliable firstly by being consistently compliant (CGMP, EHS, HR, ISMS) both internally and externally. Secondly, to meet our customer’s requirements and deliver on time we bring in place rigorous project planning and execution.


Being accountable and working with colleagues to problem solve are an essential part of our role. We all know that success is not built on a complacent business model. We need to be challenging how we do things and improving them to remain competitive. Our actions are always in tune with the environment and customer expectations.


At Neuland we encourage all our colleagues to be part of the solution and tackle all obstacles to complete the task in hand. Part of the reality at Neuland is being aware of the opportunity and possibility, then being able to deliver individually as well as in an open teamwork structure.

Openness & Transparency

Our clear, open and transparent culture at Neuland ensures all colleagues communicate and collaborate in the best possible way to achieve maximum results. We actively encourage the exchange of ideas and thoughts within a HR structure that applauds openness. Our project management models give maximum transparency to our customers.

The Neuland Way