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Project Management

Neuland GuarD – Our reliable Project Management System

Neuland’s unique project management approach has helped clients overcome the difficulties involved in outsourcing projects to a foreign manufacturer. At Neuland we use ‘Neuland GuarD’ which ensures that our clients receive the highest standards of transparency, flexibility and reliability.

The project planning is done using the principles of Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM), which emphasizes on resource availability and flexibility to maintain overall project timelines rather than focusing on rigid scheduling of individual tasks.

Upon receiving an order or contract from the client, we start resource planning by dividing the project in to several meaningful tasks. Each project has a team leader (at PhD level) and all the tasks are allocated to specific task managers with mapping to specific resources (lab space, chemicals, financial budget, etc.)

The project team meets to create the project plan (in a Microsoft Project template), with the collective objective of completing the project within target timelines. Using the principles of CCPM, the buffers are allocated at the end of the project, rather than the end of each task, which encourages each task manager to complete their tasks as soon as possible.

Once the project plan has been prepared and signed off by the entire team, the template is uploaded onto our online project management portal, which makes the project live and available to the entire team (including the customer) for online updates.

With the help of GuarD, Neuland’s team members as well as clients can log in at any time to check the current status of their project. Critical information such as latest task updates, expected time of task completion, challenges being faced in each task, etc. are candidly updated. All users can make comments/updates. However, detailed experimental data or confidential information is not fed into the system and is circulated via periodic reports.

The overall objective of Neuland GuarD is not only to ensure timely completion and delivery of projects but also to create Neuland’s resources as a true extension to the client’s resources and as a result give them 100% transparency into the project. This in turn helps our clients plan their downstream projects such as clinical trials, formulation development, formulation manufacturing appropriately.