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Reactions Handled

No Name of Reaction Lab Scale Plant Scale
1 Aldol condensation & Crossed Aldol condensation Yes Yes
2 Amidation Yes Yes
3 Asymmetric reduction Me-CBS/ Ph-CBS/ DIP-chloride Yes
4 Asymmetric synthesis Yes Yes
5 Azide reaction Yes
6 Bignelli reaction Yes
7 Birch reduction Yes
8 Chiral resolution Yes Yes
9 Chlorosulfonation Yes Yes
10 Condensation reaction Yes Yes
11 Cyclization reaction (Eaton’s reagent, polyphosporic acid, Lewis acid catalyst) Yes Yes
12 Cyanation reaction Yes
13 Debenzylation reactions Yes Yes
14 Dehalogenation using Zinc & Ammonium formate/ Pd/c Yes
15 Diazotization Yes Yes
16 Enolisation Yes Yes
17 Enzymatic Resolution Yes
18 Epoxidation Yes
19 Esterification Yes Yes
20 Friedel – Craft acylation & alkylation reaction Yes Yes
21 Gabriel synthesis Yes
22 Gignard reaction Yes Yes
23 Gould – Jacobs reaction Yes
24 Halogenations (Bromine, Pcl5, SoCl2, POCl3) Yes Yes
25 Heck reaction Yes
26 Hell Volhard Zelinsky reaction (alfa-bromination) Yes
27 Heterocyclic synthesis Yes Yes
28 Hydrolysis and decarboxylation reactions Yes Yes
29 Isomerization Yes Yes
30 Jones oxidation Yes Yes
31 Knovegnal condensation Yes Yes
32 Michael addition Yes Yes
33 Mitsunobu reaction Yes
34 N-Butyl lithium reactions Yes
35 Nitration Yes Yes
36 Oxidation reactions Yes Yes
37 Ozonolysis reaction Yes
38 Phase transfer catalyst reaction Yes Yes
39 Quaternization using alkyl halide Yes Yes
40 Reduction using borane reagents Yes Yes
41 Reduction using metal, metal hydrides and vitride Yes Yes
42 Reformatsky type reaction (Enolation) Yes
43 Resin catalyst for acid catalyzed reactions Yes Yes
44 Silylation reactions Yes Yes
45 Strecker synthesis Yes
46 Suzuki coupling Yes
47 Swern oxidation Yes
48 Wittig reaction Yes