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Unit-2 Pashamylaram Manufacturing Facility


Description Capacity Operating Conditions
Steam Boiler (Coal Fired) 11 Tons/hr Up to 165°C
Brine Chilling Units 144 TR/hr Up to -15°C
Chilled water Unit 200 TR/hr Up to +6°C
Nitrogen Generation Unit 10 Nm3/hr Up to 0.5 % o2 and 99.5% Purity
Diesel Power Generators 2180 KVA ——-
Air Compressor 635 CFM Up to 7.5 kg/cm²
Cooling Towers 2340 TR/hr Room water temp. 28°C
Vacuum Pumps 6545 m3/hr Up to 650 mm of Hg
RT water pumps 330000 Lts/hr Up to 3.0 kg/cm²
Air Handling Unit (Clean Air System) 121050 CFM With ISO 8 (100000 class) filtered air supply
High Vacuum Ejectors (TORR) 450 m3/hr Up to 0.5 to 10 Torr
DM Water 10 m3/hr Regeneration Conductivity up to 1.3 µS/Cm
Softener Water 200 m3/hr Regeneration Below 5 PPM Hardness
Purified Water 1.5 m3/hr USP grade
MEE (Multiple Effect Evaporators) 100 KL/day ——-
Incinerator 40 kgs /hr For Gas Capacity
Multiple Incinerators 400 kgs/day For Solid Capacity
300 L/hr For Liquid Capacity
70 kgs/hr For Gas Capacity

CFM: Cubic feet per minute
LPM: Liters per minute