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Environment, Health & Safety

Employee Health & Safety and conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner is vital part of Neuland’s culture. As a responsible corporate citizen, Neuland Labs complies with all applicable statutory, legal and internal Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) norms and follows a sustainable approach in all its operations.

At Neuland we work towards a “Goal Zero” standard in terms of incidents, injuries and damage to the employees and the environment. Our strong commitment to the environment, health and safety underpins all that we do at Neuland.

Our EHS Policy

  • Environment, Safety & Health (EHS) a crucial pillar of good corporate governance
  • Seeking continuous improvement in our performance and setting benchmarks in the pharma industry
  • Integrate Environment, Health & Safety considerations into Business Planning and Decision Making
  • Contributing to the common effort to protect workplace environment

The guidelines on Occupational Health & Safety have been upgraded to ISO 45001 standards from OHAS 18001, in addition to ISO 14001 (Environment Management Systems)

Our Comprehensive EHS Management System Framework

Risk Management Early Warning System Occupational Health Monitoring
Training and Learning Industrial Hygiene Incident Management
Audit Management Contractor Safety Management Emergency Management system
Legal Compliance Permit To work system Performance Monitoring
Process Safety Management Zero Liquid Discharge Air Pollution control system
Fire Protection & Detection Waste Management COVID-19

Environmental Management

Neuland Labs is committed towards protecting the environment and adopting policies that help minimize the impact on the environment. The company has a special focus on pollution control right at the source.  We have invested in green infra and advanced pollution control equipment for solid and gaseous waste management. All our three manufacturing units have adopted the “zero Waste Discharge’ concept in a closed environment. We have adopted a well-defined Climate Change & Energy Policy that directs our efforts towards creating a low carbon future through excellence and continuous improvement in energy sourcing performance and efficiency.

Our Measures

  • Effluent treatment is being done through Zero Liquid Discharge system facility across all three units (Unit 1, Unit II & Unit III).
  • R&D is provided with sewage treatment plant. Entire treated water is being used for utility make up.
  • Emissions control is being handled through regularly operated the air pollution control system like double stage scrubbers and ensuring emissions well below the presided standards.
  • Online Monitoring connectivity analyzers (Digital Flowmeters – 3 nos, VOC and IP Camera) is connected to TSPCB site and values is being uploaded to TSPCB website.
  • Provided LED display board at main gate entrance for display TSPCB online connectivity analyzer data.
  • Provided storm water drains in site and facilitated sufficient storage collection tank for collecting of first run off rainwater and fire water run off.
  • Solvent recovery plant installed on site and being operated for recovery of spent solvents. Recovered solvents are being used to Manufacturing.
  • All liquid chemicals are being stored in Warehouse on concrete floor with leachate/Spillage collection pit.
  • Hazardous waste management is being implemented and handling through collection, storage, transportation, and disposal as per the rules 2016.
  • All units have been certified by ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018
  • Provided ETP Lab facilities on site.
  • Provided IP Camera at main gate vehicle movement.

Neuland Labs also has clearly defined processes and appropriate equipment’s for:

  • Water Conservation
  • Effluent Management
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Emission Management

People Health & Safety

Employees are our greatest asset. At Neuland we have an elaborate structure that analyses, assess and mitigates risks impacting employees. Automation of critical processes on the shop floor and real time monitoring of the ambient environment in confirmed areas are undertaken to enhance the safety of employees. That being said, Neuland Labs also ensures proper health and safety measures are extended towards the community to create a sustainable future for all.

Our Measures

  • On-site specialty health clinics and health centers
  • Sustainable health-management programs
  • Occupation health and safety trainings
  • Medical record health monitoring programs
  • Wellness, awareness & screening health programs
  • Preventive medical check-ups, annual health checks
  • Covid-19 preventive protocol, practices and programs
  • On-site vaccination drives
  • Special health programs like TB Eradication Program; health camps for the community
  • Food safety programs – Periodical food sample testing to make sure quality of food is being served to employees.
  • Received a Four-Star Safety rating in ‘Five Star Occupational Health and Safety Audit’ conducted by the British Safety Council in Jun’23 for Unit 3

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