Neuland Laboratories Unveils Dedicated Process Engineering Lab

Neuland has brought online a fully operational dedicated Process Engineering Lab at its R&D Center. The new lab includes state-of-the-art instrumentation, systems and innovative devices to support operations and safety studies using a QbD approach.

“Our new Process Engineering Lab integrates the key attributes of QbD process understanding, process control, and continuous improvement with advanced equipment, Design of Experiments Software, and Design Space methodology, to optimize process design, operations, and productivity,” says Saharsh Davuluri, Joint Managing Director at Neuland.

Neuland’s new Process Engineering Lab includes a stirred, controlled HEL reaction calorimeter that measures the rate of heat release during reactions. Automated parallel HEL reactors enable a chemist to perform multiple experiments at temperatures ranging from -60 to 225oC. The lab’s new Thermal Screening Unit (TSU) indicates the thermal stability of chemicals and safe processing temperatures. Ideal for risk analysis, the TSU uses only 0.5-5 g of sample.

“This important addition to our capabilities will better enable Neuland to develop cost-effective procedures and quality products, meet regulatory requirements, improve scale-up efficiency, and accelerate time to market,” says Dr. Ravi Ponnaiah, President – Science & Technology.

A QbD approach includes three fundamental elements: 1) a clear understanding of the target product profile; 2) determination of critical quality attributes (CQAs) and 3) ensuring that processes and products remain within defined range limits.

Continual risk assessment of all aspects of a process, from the quality of the raw materials to the process parameters and their potential effects on CQAs enables continuous improvement of processes and products. A QbD program relies on applying this information to develop a design space and a process control strategy, continually monitoring the process to assess its capabilities, introducing changes to improve product quality, cost, and process efficiency.

You can read the full press release here.

Parallel Reactors


Neuland’s HR Initiative Reduces Food Wastage by 75%

Neuland, as a pharma company, is committed to impacting life positively across the globe. Whether it is manufacturing the products or improving the life of its employees, our focus on ‘quality’ is supreme and is reflected in our CSR activities as well.

The recent ‘conversation-over-tea’ session conducted on 3rd July in our R&D center by Senior HR Manager, Mr. Shiva Kumar, is an instance of our commitment towards Corporate Social Responsibility. The topic was to mull over the issue of food wastage, how we can help in reducing it and in turn contribute towards the global movement of eradicating hunger and food wastage.

Food-wastage-awareness posters were recently put up at all the Neuland facilities. In R&D, Mr. Shiva Kumar arranged for an interactive session during an afternoon tea-break to create awareness among Neulanders, so that they could come together in fighting food-wastage. Each of the participants was given the poster to read out the data on it, ponder over the information and then share their thoughts with everyone.

The result was a collective effort and an astounding reduction of food-wastage by almost 75% from the very next day!

75% Reduction in Food Wastage


Five Minutes with Saharsh Davuluri…

Saharsh Davuluri was interviewed for the ‘Show Daily’ magazine that was freely distributed at the inaugural CPhI North America / InformEx 2017 show, held in Philadelphia last month.

Click here to read the interview with our Joint Managing Director that appeared in the publication.

Saharsh Article in CPhI Show Daily


Neuland Labs celebrates the 43rd World Environment Day

On the occasion of 43rd World Environment Day celebrated on 5 June, 2017, as a responsible organization, we conducted various programs to create an awareness among the employees about protection of our environment.

This year in addition to the plantation and other programs, we organized a rally in Bonthapally where 125 NLL employees from Unit I and R&D participated. Unit II employees participated in a rally organized by TSPCB & TSIIC in Pashamylaram.

Neuland’s efforts to spread awareness about the importance and protection of our environment was hugely appreciated and the programs were published in two Telugu newspapers.

World Environment Day


A great start to Philadelphia CPhI 2017

We have lots of appointments and the possibility of doing even more business in the worlds biggest pharma market. We will keep you posted but all is in good shape so far.

Philadelphia CPhI 2017


News Articles

To stay ahead of the evolving needs and demands of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries the contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs), need to continuously adapt new trends. Saharsh Davuluri, Joint Managing Director, sheds light on the changes in the API manufacturing and how a CMO can adapt to the changes in the article “Navigating the Shifting Landscape of Contract API Manufacturing” on the Contract Pharma website. You can read the article by clicking here

Quality is of utmost importance. Focusing on quality in every step of manufacturing, Neuland boasts of two USFDA and EU GMP-compliant manufacturing facilities. Read more about our stringent quality control in the article “No Compromise APIs” on the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing website by clicking here


On-Demand Webcast: Reversed-Phase Liquid Chromatography Using Surrogate (Additional) Stationary Phases

Neuland recently sponsored the above-mentioned webinar on Liquid Chromatography. You can view an executive summary of the webinar by downloading this PDF file (Adobe Acrobat required) or view the webcast in full (on-demand) by completing the registration details here.

Webinar PDF


CPhI  2016 – Neuland in Barcelona meant business

With the hype now behind us we can confirm that Barcelona CPHI 2016, proved to be a fantastic success for Neuland. Our hugely impressive stand witnessed a continuous stream of customers for most of the three days and was completely packed. In particular, the “100 % API Provider” campaign proved a great hit. It was quite refreshing to see that Neuland continued to be a 100% API producer while many of the competitors were showcasing mixed messages.

We responded to every opportunity enthusiastically and this event proved we put our customers at the centre of our thoughts.

Many of the 20,000 people using Fira station noticed the high impact Neuland advertisement. Customers also commented on the station advertisement as a massive awareness generator for the already well-known Neuland brand.

A lot of the customers made it to an after show event at the history museum in central Barcelona. We were treated to a wonderful display of over 2000 years of history.

A big thank you to all customers and staff who collaborated, as you may expect, with a lot of hard work and diligence to make CPHI 2016 a grand success.


CPhI Madrid 2015 – 100% pure play record at CPhI proves a great success

Sometimes the obvious focus of your business needs reinforcing with a strong message and this was definitely the case at the CPhI.

Neuland took out a powerful advertising campaign on the illuminated signs on line 8 and at the main station next to the CPhI.

In addition, our API message was beamed out to 48k attendees in the show daily e blast.

The campaign reinforces our credentials as one of the few established main API players who focus entirely on API for clients. It is so easy to get distracted by FDF or selling direct to the market to improve margins.

Sometimes this can prove at odds with clients and partners who like to see a clear division between trade suppliers and those that inhabit the same direct marketing space.

As per usual at Neuland, we tried to make our land of opportunity different to those that love to see rows of reactors. We understand that people have equipment and they produce molecules of varying complexity. We are happy with what we can achieve for clients because we have world class peptide R&D and CMS which complements our formidable reactor capacity.

The human capital at Neuland is what makes this land of real opportunity for clients as well as for would be starters in the industry.

We are pleased to announce our 9th successful FDA audit along with winning the 2015 CMO Leadership award for Quality


CPhI Paris 2014

We would like to thank everyone who came to visit us at CPhI in Paris. The show was a great success and we look forward to seeing you all again soon. Below are some photos from this years show.


CMO Leadership Award

CMO Leadership Award 2013