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The Dedicated 100% API Provider

The importance of customers considering the wider strategy of their partners and it dovetailing with their own strategy is not overlooked at Neuland.

We all realise it is important to set a clear strategic focus for our business. Also, to be transparent regarding whether we might intend producing finished dosage, which might compromise a relationship in the future. Neuland is a dedicated 100% API provider and intends to stay that way.

In the Pharma world, we are always seeking 100% pure product. In fact, most of our lives are spent detecting impurities or refining products to get the international quality we require. If you were to apply the same methodology to a company, what would the result show?

Let’s say we looked hypothetically at a chromatograph of what would be detected in terms of business purpose and what core sectors you work within. In the instance of Neuland we would conclude there are 0% impurities in terms of manufacturing products that would compete with our customers. In this sense, we are the 100% pure API provider. This makes us an increasingly rare species in the Pharma landscape where many companies are seeking their fortune in the space often occupied by some of their innovator or generic partners.

At Neuland we feel that we should not distract ourselves from the purpose in hand of being focussed on customers’ API needs now and in the future.