Welcome to our Land of Opportunity

Neuland is a 100% pure
non-competing API manufacturer

To all our potential customers please know
that nearly all collaborators on our journey
remain customers to this day

Worldwide compliance and our no compromise
quality standards give real reassurance to our
global customer base

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Neuland is a no-compromise, API manufacturing service provider, offering worldwide compliant manufacturing facilities to its customers that it guarantees not to compete with in finished product.


Neuland’s core business and operational expertise has been manufacturing and marketing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Neuland has become a preferred and reliable source of supply for several leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide.


Neuland’s Custom Manufacturing Solutions (CMS) derives from its proven expertise in manufacturing at varied scales, a deep understanding of complex chemistry and manufacturing facilities compliant with the guidelines of the leading regulatory authorities and EHS.


Neuland’s peptide synthesis services include production of peptides from milligrams to multi-kilogram scale by standard sequential chemical peptide synthesis and segment condensation strategies.


Neuland is at the forefront of facilitating and accelerating drug development and cGMP manufacturing of APIs. The Company’s technical and scientific teams provide reliable solutions and services to the global pharmaceutical industry.

Meet Us

We will be attending Informex in the USA on the 2nd - 4th February 2016. We look forward to seeing you all there. Contact us today to arrange a meeting.

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