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Chemistry & Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Synthetic portion of fermented molecules

  • Deuterated Molecules

  • Peptides in Solid, Solution Phase & Hybrid technology

  • Cyanation, Hydrogenation, Bromination, Cryogenic

  • Carbohydrate Chemistry

  • Steroidal Bile Acids & Vitamin D Derivatives

  • Organometallic Carbon-carbon bond formation

  • Heterocyclic Compounds

  • Chiral Compounds Manufacturing


Synthetic Portion of Fermented Molecules

Our expertise lies in synthesizing and modifying molecules derived from fermentation processes, thus advancing the development of pharmaceuticals and chemicals. We work towards maintaining the stereo genic centre during the chemical conversions on a large scale and attaining the desired conversion with minimal impurity generation.


  1. A team of experts having the experience in handling semi-synthetic drugs
  2. Dedicated state-of-the-art laboratory equipped with automated jacketed reactors (100-5000 mL) capable of generating up to 100 grams with the desired quality
  3. A non-GMP to cGMP production units equipped with 60 kg bulk production of semi-synthetic products.

Deuterated Molecules

Neuland Labs has developed expertise in deuteration technology to streamline the process of developing and scaling deuterated compounds. Our team is well-versed in the design and development of synthetic routes for deuterated APIs while maintaining isotopic purity, thereby offering improved metabolic stability, reduced toxicity, and enhanced efficacy.


  1. A specialised team for route designing, POC and optimization, ensuring robust and scalable process.
  2. Advanced Synthetic lab equipped with automated jacketed reactors (100-5000 mL) capable of producing 100-200 grams of the final product with desired CQAs.
  3. A dedicated manufacturing capacity for API scale-up, ranging from 50-150 kg.

Peptides in Solid, Solution Phase & Hybrid technology

Neuland Labs excels in peptide synthesis, offering expertise in solid-phase, solution-phase, and hybrid approaches, crucial for peptide-based drug development. Additionally, Neuland has the capability to manufacture these products at a large scale, including pseudoprolines, isoacyl peptides, Dmb-derivatives, N-methyl amino acids, etc.


  1. Production of peptides from milligrams to multi-kilogram scale using standard sequential chemical peptide synthesis and segment condensation strategies.
  2. Peptide lab equipped with 50 mm ID DAC column for purification of 10-100 grams of API and capacity to produce 2-3 kg of RBP (resin bound peptide).
  3. A Lyophilizer with the capacity to lyophilize 1-5 L of eluents.
  4. Self-developed preparative HPLC Technique providing 10-20X better throughput compared to the standard technique.
  5. Analytical team equipped with LC-MS, IR & NMR for comprehensive characterization of peptides.
  6. Manufacturing reactors for generating 1-10 kg of API crude, a 150 mm ID DAC column for purification and a Lyophilizer for producing 1-10 kg pure Peptide API.

Cyanation, Hydrogenation, Bromination, Cryogenic

 Our team at Neuland brings extensive experience and expertise in conducting catalytic hydrogenation reactions, both homogenous and heterogenous, in inert environments to ensure the success of specific hydrogenation processes. We are equipped to undertake enantioselective reduction reactions utilizing Rh catalysts.


  1. A manufacturing capacity ranging from 5 to 200 kg for hydrogenated products
  2. A specialized cyanation manufacturing facility featuring well-established quenching/cleaning procedures.
  3. A dedicated cryogenic reactor facility capable of handling reactions at -78 °C, accommodating scales from 5 to 200 kg.
  4. Specialised in bromination reactions with dedicated facility capable of manufacturing from 5 to 150 kg.

 Carbohydrate Chemistry

 This specific branch of organic chemistry could be challenging due to several complicating factors, including polarity, chemical complexity, the absence of a chromophore and the need to use complex and custom protection strategies for targeted carbohydrates. Neuland Laboratory has considerable experience in the area of synthesis of complex carbohydrates and their related derivatives.


  1. A dedicated team with expertise for route scouting, POC, optimization, scale-up and purification of carbohydrate moieties from 10-100 gram at lab and 10-100 kg at scale.

Steroidal Bile Acids & Vitamin D Derivatives

Neuland Labs has a strong focus on synthesizing steroidal bile acids such as Ursodeoxycholic acid (used to treat liver disorders) and Vitamin D derivatives like Calcitriol, critical components in pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry.


  1. Advanced synthetic lab equipped automated jacketed reactors (100-5000 mL) for generating 10-100 grams of final product with desired CQAs.
  2. Dedicated manufacturing capacity for scale up of API from 5-10 Kg.

 Organometallic Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation

Neuland Laboratory excels in the formation of organometallic carbon-carbon bonds, a key technique in the synthesis of complex organic molecules.

For example, Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling reactions are used to create aryl-aryl bonds in molecules like Valsartan.


Synthetic lab & manufacturing facilities are equipped with specific reactors to handle air-sensitive reaction for metal-catalysed cross-couplings, such as Sonogashira, Suzuki, Heck, Buchwald, and Chan-Lam reactions, at scales ranging from 5 to 50 kg.

Heterocyclic Compounds

Neuland laboratory is proficient in the synthesis and modification of heterocyclic compounds, fundamental in pharmaceutical research. We offer the most comprehensive selection of heterocyclic building blocks that can be used in a broad range of synthetic protocols, including lithiation and palladium catalysed cross coupling.


A dedicated facility with a capacity of 5-100 kg for producing customized solutions for heterocyclic compounds at commercial scale.

Chiral Compounds Manufacturing

 Controlling chirality of enantiomers is a crucial aspect during manufacturing process. At Neuland, we specialize in developing and scaling up a diverse array of chiral synthesis methods for our customers. This ensures establishment of the optimal route while maintaining high quality and efficiency.


  1. Specialization in asymmetric synthesis, enantioselective and chiral resolution.
  2. Production of enantiopure pharmaceuticals with specific optical properties, covering a scale ranging from 1-100 Kg at lab to larger scales.