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Opportunity: Now and in the Future

Neuland has established a dominant position in the core areas of our business, which includes APIs for the generic market as well as APIs for custom manufacturing. For APIs that are commercial, we are constantly investing in reducing costs, increasing capacity, and improving quality so that we establish a leadership position for the molecule throughout its life cycle.

Our relationship with some customers has been maintained for many years but we have continued to seek more efficient ways of manufacturing. The approach for our Custom Manufacturing business is similar but each customer has specific needs, which means our solutions are more tailor-made.

We continue to maintain a healthy pipeline of molecules that we believe will enable us to increase our EBIDTA and net profit margins in line with the best industry benchmarks. Given that the API industry is a very capital-intensive business, our focus has been to find ways to constantly add value to our APIs with the use of technology and intellectual property.

It would be naïve to think that cheap means good. We have always understood that value in a compliant regulated environment is the benchmark that needs to be reached. If our reporting is excellent and we hit deadlines, then the opportunity cost of not being effective doesn’t come into the equation. Put simply, we are looking to minimise risk in everything we do and our customers fully appreciate this compliant approach.