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Neuland News: Patent Awards, New Production Blocks and Quality Management

Neuland patent awards 2018Patent Awards
Neuland recently received two IP awards – IP Gems of India 2018 and IP Excellence in India 2018.

These awards were presented to Neuland for the Company’s implementation of best practices for IP development, as well as for having made valuable contributions to Intellectual Property practices in India.

Neuland Unit III inauguration 2018Unit III Production Blocks Inaugurated
At the recently-acquired Unit III site, two manufacturing blocks (Block 1 and Block 2) were inaugurated.

Quality Risk Management
A Quality Management System (QMS) is a crucial aspect of the pharmaceutical industry. Neuland’s QMS is tasked with considering all applicable guidelines and regulations in order to remain in compliance while maintaining robust product quality and safety.

Neuland routinely holds training sessions on QMS, including the recent two-day workshop for employees from across our various manufacturing facilities. These sessions familiarize team members with major QMS topics, including APR, Change control, RCA & CAPA and Quality Risk Management. The workshop objectives?

  • Familiarize employees with the basic nuances of QMS
  • Enable employees to be better prepared to handle audits
  • Strengthen QRM across our locations



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