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Contract Pharma Project Management & Data Infrastructure

For pharma manufacturers, developing rock-solid data infrastructure has become essential. It touches everything we do as a CDMO – from the web-based intranet used for Employee Self Service (ESS), Sales Management and more.

The Rise of Pharma Data Infrastructure
Pharma data is exploding, and the ability to manage and leverage that data has become central to developing and manufacturing drugs. Data has become a disrupter in the pharma industry – one with tremendous potential for companies. Regulators are paying increasing attention to data. Companies want and need data security with their contract pharma partners & suppliers.

Here’s a recap some of the decisions we’ve made at Neuland as we’ve grown our infrastructure – combining our proprietary in-house platform with large, scalable commercial solutions to ensure data compliance.

The Data Engine
For Neuland to best manage both our clients’ and our own data needs, the core underpinnings of our system’s infrastructure needed to have scalable virtualized server stacks with high availability – and be based in a secured data center. We chose SAP ERP to enable effective information transfer across functions.

Data Security
With SAP, security was one of the drivers that led to the selection. We wanted to ensure consistently high-security standards that would meet the broadest range of pharma client requirements & standards.

Client & Project Management
For project management, we set out to ensure Neuland’s unique project management approach would enable clients to overcome the difficulties involved in outsourcing projects – especially at long distances. We developed ‘GuarD,’ which ensures that our clients receive the highest standards of transparency, flexibility and reliability across the project lifecycle.

The system operates using the principles of Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) – emphasizing both flexibility & resource availability to maintain broader project timelines. Rather than focusing on rigid scheduling of individual tasks, the system manages towards the collective objective of completing the project within target timelines.

Robust Data Infrastructure Can Yield Pharma Company Benefits
Overall, our data system has been a key part of our success in creating process management efficiencies. When combined with other efficiency measures (e.g., QbD or check out our last post on creating efficiencies by fostering collaboration between engineers & chemists), a robust data infrastructure can translate into significant pharma sponsor benefits.

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