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Inside Look: The Role of the IPR Department

Intellectual Property Rights and its Importance in Research, Business & Industry

We wrote a post on the patent cliff issue back in 2015. The patent cliff has served to further highlight intellectual property’s (IP) growing importance as a tool to maintain a competitive edge in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets.

IP has fostered a redefinition of strategy, a focus on constant innovation, and a complete restructuring & diversification of businesses. In that earlier post, we wrote that an essential aspect of newer strategies is to ignore the patent cliff and focus on filling product pipelines.

I.P. – The Power Behind Growth

While frequently an intangible asset, intellectual property has always been a powerful driver for company growth. And while this is true almost regardless of industry, virtually the entire drug sector revenue model is constructed around IP rights. In fact, IP is likely the single most important factor in securing capital and developing partnerships in the life sciences industry.

Pharma and biopharma firms leverage intellectual property rights (IPR) in a number of ways to maximize business value – from out-licensing to partnering to the outright sale of IP.

Neuland’s Track Record of IP Innovation

Located at our Bonthapally R&D Center, Neuland’s Intellectual Property Rights Group manages all of Neuland’s and its client’s IP-related matters.

Our IPR department performs a number of critical functions. One key task is to create and maintain our value proposition. The department also focuses on adding capabilities to APIs that differentiate them from competitor APIs.

In most cases, this entails supporting Neuland’s Research & Development teams by identifying whitespace in each portfolio API molecule and converting the whitespace into commercial advantage.

Neuland has a 30+ year track record of innovation. We have filed 172 patent applications around the world,  including: the USA, Europe, China, Canada, Japan and India. We have been granted 48 patents, and we have an extensive portfolio of patent applications in different stages of examination. We have been the recipient of the Silver Award for Patents under the category of Bulk Drugs/API by PHARMEXCIL (Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council, 8th Edition of Patents Award, 2015-2016).

IP Rights & Neuland’s Unique Non-Compete Approach

One key Neuland differentiator is our no-compete approach to APIs, which you can read about here: The Contract Manufacturing & Intellectual Property Challenge: Solution? Don’t Compete With the Customer.

By using a unique client-focused approach to I.P., we remove IP as an issue between us and you, the client. We’ve found this fosters the scientific creativity needed to develop better, faster, safer, less-expensive drug manufacturing processes. Our clients benefit from Neuland’s expertise & innovation, and we benefit by building successful, long-term customer relationships.

An Active Intellectual Property Group

Our intellectual property team performs a whole host of other tasks aimed at strengthening Neuland’s competitive differentiators. Here are some of the other Neuland IPR Group responsibilities:

  • Monitoring and managing IP administration
  • Providing vital input for IP-driven product selection
  • Assisting and guiding scientists in designing potentially patentable inventions
  • Supporting the Business Development and Marketing teams with IP-related issues
  • Resolving all IP-related customer queries
  • Maintaining a strong and focused patent portfolio
  • Identifying Paragraph 4 (IV) & early launch opportunities
  • Drafting, filing, prosecuting and maintaining worldwide patent grants & patent applications
  • Providing IP clearance reports, These may include:
  • Patent Landscape Reports
  • Competitive Intelligence Reports
  • Patentability Search Analysis Reports
  • Infringement Analysis Reports
  • Freedom-To-Operate Analysis Reports for different regions
  • Patent Invalidity Studies
  • Whitespace Analysis Reports
  • Providing IP due diligence & IP compliance
  • Conducting IP awareness programs in-house

Want to learn more about Neuland’s Intellectual Property Rights Group, or the Company’s strict no-compete approach to clients? Visit our website or contact us.


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