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Intellectual Property Management Group Focuses on API Innovation and Differentiation for Customers

NL-stock1With potential projected losses of $16-32 billion for drugs going off-patent in 2015, intellectual property (IP) is increasingly crucial to keeping a competitive edge in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets.

The patent cliff has obligated big pharma companies to redefine their strategy and constantly innovate, by restructuring and diversifying their businesses. An essential aspect of this strategy is for companies to ignore the patent cliff and focus on filling product pipelines. In Thomson Reuters’ 2015 State of Innovation report, the pharmaceutical industry showed more growth in patent volume than almost any other industry.

Patent Strategies – Higher Confidence, Faster Time to Market
At Neuland, maintaining a strong, focused intellectual property (IP) portfolio is a key element of our long-term strategy, and an additional asset to our customers. To that end, all products are manufactured in full compliance with IP principles.

Our stringent freedom-to-operate standards enable us to develop and manufacture products without infringing on the property rights of others. This, coupled with more than 30 years of industrial drug API manufacturing experience, provides our customers with a high level of confidence and decreased time to market.

I.P. – a Key Component of Strategic Pharma Outsourcing
When looking for the right contract pharma company to partner with, seek one who can support research & development by finding white space in each portfolio API molecule. Your contract manufacturing partner should be able to transform this white space into a commercial advantage.

A good CMO should possess a strong track record of intellectual property filings. Our own innovation is evidenced by 123 patent applications filed worldwide, including in the U.S., Europe, Japan and India. Patent status is considered by country, with the goal of identifying early launch opportunities in the countries concerned.

Strong API Patent Portfolio Maximizes ROI
With everyone eyeing the bottom line, pharma companies must maximize their return on investment by using their resources as efficiently as possible. CROs and CMOs need to be proactive, identifying potential issues for formulations and taking the necessary actions during development to resolve them. By thoroughly characterizing and optimizing a drug’s physicochemical properties, formulations can be developed more easily and efficiently – saving money and time.

Strengthening IP Protection – Don’t Choose Suppliers Who Also Compete
As companies face increasing patent-cliff exposure, they can take another measure of protection by partnering with contract pharma firms who not only don’t compete with them, but also have an IP department working closely with them to help secure their patent rights.

What can you share about your experience with intellectual property rights?


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