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Contract Drug Manufacturing R&D: from Route Scouting to Kilo Labs

Facilities Research and DevelopmentLet’s face it – ‘cost-effective capabilities’ is a big reason why CROs and CMOs continue to be a highly-popular drug commercialization route of choice. Where else can you find ready-to-go teams that can tackle wide ranging drug development issues from the bench up through commercial production? Maintaining specialty niche skills and resources on hand can be cost-prohibitive for pharma companies, especially those committed to diverse pipelines where an even larger array of niche capabilities may be required.

For complex chemistry, specialized peptide production, scale-up capacity and other niche R&D capabilities often not maintained in-house, drug manufacturers often turn to contract pharma.

Customer-Driven R&D

Contract manufacturing R&D is very different – and often much more diverse – than typical drug company research. Beyond discovery and early non-infringing process development work for clients, CRO/CMOs will often have teams dedicated to process efficiency, effluent reduction & elimination, impurity detection & reduction, or other custom synthesis-, analytical- and commercialization-oriented tasks.

A big part of R&D work (at least here at Neuland) focuses on understanding the molecule and the processes used to create it. What is happening to the molecule at each stage? What can be done to reduce or eliminate the use of solvents in later stages, where are genotoxic impurities showing up? How can we reduce effluent in critical early synthesis stages? These are a few of the questions contract pharma R&D teams aim to solve for clients.

Neuland – R&D For Every Occasion

At Neuland, our 200+ R&D scientists reside in their own, specially-equipped R&D center that works closely with Neuland’s pilot plant and kilo lab teams.

Neuland Labs’ custom synthesis projects are typically geared towards bringing early products to market as quickly as possible. Our R&D teams focus on matching the customer’s molecule with established and proven synthesis routes and providing analytical support across all stages of commercialization to streamline the process as much as possible.

How much drug R&D does your Company outsource?


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