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EHS Stewardship: Green Chemistry, Healthy People, Healthy Workplace

Neuland EHSEnvironmental protection and the prevention of occupational illness and work injuries are key pillars of corporate responsibility and stewardship. But Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) isn’t a break-down-the-doors kind of topic. It isn’t trendy or fashionable (except, perhaps, on Earth Day). It’s not a flashy subject, and it rarely rates a mention – unless or until something goes wrong.

EHS plays an important role in drug manufacturing. In fact, a pharmaceutical manufacturer’s EHS team makes everything we do in drug production possible…and safe. EHS is responsible for everything ranging from waste management & pollution control to occupational health and workplace safety. (That’s right – your health is their job, so be nice to them around the office!)

Drug manufacturing waste management and pollution control involves a significant amount of technology and infrastructure. Multi-effect evaporators, vertical thin film dryers and reverse osmosis facilities are just a few of the pollution control and safety systems typically found in a pharma manufacturing plant.

One of the exciting EHS initiatives we’re working on at Neuland involves – what else? – Chemistry.

R&D and Green Chemistry

At Neuland, we optimize input materials such as chemicals, solvents, fresh water as well as energy and process conditions in order to minimize environmental impact and health and safety hazards. For example, once an API production process has been developed, we then carry out process improvement initiatives to further maximize efficiency and reduce the impact of waste. All of our treated effluents are recycled to achieve Zero Liquid Discharge status.

We’ve also implemented exciting projects that help further reduce our impact on the environment and improve sustainability. For example, we co-process certain hazardous wastes to be used as fuel substitutes in the kilns of authorized cement plants. Not only does this support the conservation of energy resources, it also serves to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

EHS and good corporate stewardship go hand-in-hand. To learn more about Neuland Lab’s EHS Department, visit Neuland’s Environment, Health & Safety webpage.


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