Manufacturing Technologies

Classes of Compounds | Reactions Handled

NoClass of CompoundsScale of Operation
1Amino Acids (Synthetic)Lab, Pilot & Production
2HeterocyclicsLab, Pilot & Production
3Macrolides/KetolidesLab, Kilo Scale
4NucleosidesLab, Kilo Scale
5Oncology (Cytotoxic)Lab, Kilo Scale
6Peptide Building BlocksLab, Pilot & Production
7ProstaglandinsLab, Kilo Scale
8QuinolonesLab, Pilot & Production
9SteroidsLab, Pilot & Production
10Vitamin D2 AnaloguesLab, Kilo Scale

Download a spreadsheet of the reactions we handle.

NoName of ReactionLab ScalePlant Scale
1Aldol condensation & Crossed Aldol condensationYesYes
3Asymmetric reduction Me-CBS/ Ph-CBS/ DIP-chlorideYes--
4Asymmetric synthesisYesYes
5Azide reactionYes--
6Bignelli reactionYes--
7Birch reductionYes--
8Chiral resolutionYesYes
10Condensation reactionYesYes
11Cyclization reaction (Eaton's reagent, polyphosporic acid, Lewis acid catalyst)YesYes
12Cyanation reactionYes--
13Debenzylation reactionsYesYes
14Dehalogenation using Zinc & Ammonium formate/ Pd/cYes--
17Enzymatic ResolutionYes--
20Friedel – Craft acylation & alkylation reactionYesYes
21Gabriel synthesisYes--
22Gignard reactionYesYes
23Gould – Jacobs reactionYes--
24Halogenations (Bromine, Pcl5, SoCl2, POCl3)YesYes
25Heck reactionYes--
26Hell Volhard Zelinsky reaction (alfa-bromination)Yes--
27Heterocyclic synthesisYesYes
28Hydrolysis and decarboxylation reactionsYesYes
30Jones oxidationYesYes
31Knovegnal condensationYesYes
32Michael additionYesYes
33Mitsunobu reactionYes--
34N-Butyl lithium reactionsYes--
36Oxidation reactionsYesYes
37Ozonolysis reactionYes--
38Phase transfer catalyst reactionYesYes
39Quaternization using alkyl halideYesYes
40Reduction using borane reagentsYesYes
41Reduction using metal, metal hydrides and vitrideYesYes
42Reformatsky type reaction (Enolation)Yes--
43Resin catalyst for acid catalyzed reactionsYesYes
44Silylation reactionsYesYes
45Strecker synthesisYes--
46Suzuki couplingYes--
47Swern oxidationYes--
48Wittig reactionYes--